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About Us

Since 1955, the Doyne family has been dedicated to providing top-notch service and a passion for the boating industry. Edward Doyne set out to build something special in the beach town of Miller, Indiana, where he began Doyne’s Home and Marine Supply Store. Since then, the business may have changed but our commitment to our community and values hasn’t.

Our journey has been marked by hard work and innovation, from pioneering self-built hoists in the 1960s to investing in state-of-the-art travel lifts in 1998. We’ve always been about delivering unparalleled service to the area and to our customers.

With a legacy spanning multiple generations, we’ve evolved from a small home and marine supply store to a premier destination for boat service and storage from the surrounding states.

But it’s not just about the boats, it’s about the people.


Our service center has become a beloved community hub for families of all stripes. From the moment you step foot into our marina, you’ll feel it. You’ll be greeted with a warm smile and dedication to meeting your needs. We’ve built a reputation of being a fair, honest, and a home-like place you want to keep coming back to. We’re not just here to fix your engine or store your boat, we’re here to become your trusted allies.

Our devotion to service extends beyond our property - we’re deeply rooted in showing up for our community. We’ve sponsored events, supported local charities, held fishing contests, and joined community boards to ensure our patrons are being taken care of. 

As the only private marine service center to be a Certified Clean Marina by the state of Indiana, we are dedicated to keeping our beautiful waterways clean.


At Doyne’s, we don’t just sell boats, we foster relationships and create memories that last a lifetime. Join us and experience the difference our family can make on your boating journey.



At Doyne’s Marine Service Center, our legacy runs deep, woven into the fabric of our family and community. Since its inception in 1955, we’ve taken pride in being not just a business but a home for our boaters and employees alike. We have stood as a beacon of service excellence along the shores of Lake Michigan and, through the years, our journey has been marked by milestones and memories, each one shaping our legacy.


Our story began in 1955 when Edward Doyne ventured to the charming beach town of Miller, Indiana. Edward set out to build something special – a fair place that had a sense of belonging. Edward started the family business with Doyne’s Home and Marine Supply in downtown Miller and expanded into selling motorcycles in the early 60s.

“Boats have been in my family for a long time." – Mike Doyne

As the town began to change, so did Edward’s mindset on what the store could offer. Lake Michigan started to flourish with Salmon being brought over to the Great Lakes and this meant more fishermen were coming to the area; soon enough fishing became a staple on the lake. Doyne’s was quick to adapt, engineering a self-built hoist, shifting their focus to boat sales, and participating in boat shows. It was during this time that the foundation was laid for what would later become the cornerstone of the local boating community.


Edward’s son, Mike Doyne, began working at the marine center when he was just 10 years old and has spent his life committed to the legacy of his father’s dream. Mike’s mom always said “he always went out to work instead of out to play” and


Mike himself credits his work ethic to what he learned at Doyne’s.  After getting his teaching degree at Purdue University, and working part time at Doyne’s during the summer, he decided to go full time at the in 1974.


As the years passed, Doyne’s continued to evolve, reflecting the changing needs of its customers. In 1981, the decision was made to close the store in Miller, stop selling motorcycles, and redirect their efforts to the marina. This shift shaped the future of the business for decades to come. With the focus solely being on best-in-class service, Doyne’s built a reputation of being the premier service provider in the area. 


Mike took over running the business in 1988 and soon his children, Corey and Natalie, followed in his footsteps by working at Doyne’s in their spare time. Corey started getting dropped off from school at Doyne’s in third grade and graduated into helping with services once he was in middle school. Natalie started at the age of eight and eventually moved on to help with administrative work, saying “it felt natural to want to be at the marina.” They recognize Doyne’s Marine Service Center as an integral part of their childhood and where they gained essential work values.


It’s more than just our family though; there’s always been a deep connection to the guests and employees.


They are the heartbeat of our operations. Our employees, from seasoned technicians who pour their expertise into every repair to friendly faces like our famous “mascot” Hobie the Parrot, became more than just colleagues – they became our family. Our marina shifted from a place of work to a second home for everyone. 


And who could forget about our one-of-a-kind service manager, Big Al the Boaters Pal. Al began his journey with Doyne’s when he was 18 and spent over four decades servicing the community at the center. The famous friend took over for Mike Doyne as the general manager and vice president once Mike moved on to retirement; Al quickly became one of the main reasons boaters continued to come back to the center.


But the most enduring aspect of the Doyne family legacy is its commitment to the community. From hosting the legendary customer party, engaging in local charitable efforts, and even becoming Indiana’s only privately owned certified clean marina, Doyne’s is more than just a business – it is a gathering place where memories are made.

“Lake Michigan Survives on Cleanliness. We can’t soil the water we use.”  – Mike Doyne

What started out as a mom-and-pop place with only word of mouth marketing built from our trusted guests is now a thriving number one marina, servicing four surrounding states and storing over 300 boats. As we look to the future, we remain committed to upholding our values and traditions that have guided us since the beginning.


As each year passes, we honor the legacy of Edward Doyne’s dream by continuing to provide the best service around, build lasting relationships with our community, and stay true to who we are. Welcome to Doyne’s Marina, where our journey is as rich as the waters we call home.

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